Mission Impossible?

We were contacted by the art director on Mission Impossible 2 to create and apply Afghanistan style vehicle markings for a pick up truck and an articulated lorry that were to be used in a scene involving a helicopter chase, the graphics were printed and CAD cut to achieve the colour fidelity and applied to the vehicle before the set painters aged the vehicles. This process is incredible and once done they look as though they have just driven through really tough terrain in all types of weather.

Working in two locations we achieved the desired results and then moved on to printing the stunt crash mats that are used to protect the actors and stunt men alike, this involves matching fairly mundane finishes such as granite slabs and moss covered flat roofs – all very achievable with our flatbed printing technology.

Mission Impossible? Not for Signcraft! :)

preparing for MI2 moviepreparing vehicle for MI2 movie