Mission Impossible?
preparing for MI2 movie

We were contacted by the art director on Mission Impossible 2 to create and apply Afghanistan style vehicle markings for a pick up truck and an articulated lorry that were to be used in a scene involving a helicopter chase, the graphics were printed and CAD cut to achieve the colour fidelity and applied to the vehicle before the set painters aged the vehicles. This process is incredible and once done they look as though they have just driven through really tough terrain in all types of weather. Working in two locations we achieved the desired results and then moved … Continue reading

Holidays & Re-Opening in 2018
Season's Greetings

Please note that we will be closing for the festive holidays on Thursday 21st at midday and will be re-opening at 9 a.m. on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. We wish all our past, present and future customers a very happy Christmas and a prosperous 2018. We look forward to doing business with you!

Tactile Signage
Tactile Signage - Wellness

We are pleased to present our new range of tactile signage. Tactile signage is used to help people who are visually impaired. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) makes it unlawful for organisations to treat disabled people less favourably. Tactile Signage should follow the DDA best practice guidelines to comply with entrance & exit signs and directional signs. Using our Swiss Q print system as a 3D printer, Signcraft is able to create superb small or large detail graphics onto a range of media for a variety of signage solutions. High end graphics for modern interiors, please contact Bob or Jason … Continue reading

Christmas Closing Dates
Signcraft: Seasons Greetings

Signcraft will be closed for the seasonal break from Wednesday 21st December and will re-open for business on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Season’s Greetings: we wish you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous year ahead. Thank you to our clients who have been a joy to work with and we look forward to working with you again in the future. Best wishes for 2017 from all at Signcraft.

Planning Consent Go-Ahead
Osborne - new logo

Osborne is one of the leading construction businesses in the UK. Osborne launched their new corporate identity which involves a very distinct feature colour that had to be spot-on and consistent throughout the whole range of signage and display. The final part of this change-over will be at the Osborne HQ building in Surrey for which we have just received instructions and planning consent. You can see the Osborne logo throughout their website and find out more about the company on their website.

Art Wood Apartments wins award, shortlisted for National Award
Art Wood, London musician

The Shepherds Bush Housing Association has won an award for the Art Wood Apartments development, which has been voted by residents and the public as their favourite SBHG building design. The building was named after local celebrity Arthur Wood, known as Art, a musician who was the eldest brother of artist and guitarist Ronnie Wood (Faces, Rolling Stones). Signcraft was appointed to create bespoke wall art graphics for this prize winning development. Coincidentally, and previously unbeknown to the housing association, our general Manager Simon Wood is the son of Art Wood. With family connections within the management and design teams … Continue reading

Signage in and around London
Mid Town Holborn

It has been a phenomenally busy time here at Signcraft. We thrive on challenges and deadlines! Both our design and production teams have created some high quality notable signage to meet our clients’ requirements. Below is a small sample of some of our recent external signage projects. Phoenix house: our clients instructions were to create a new, improved image for their building. We therefore created a 4.0m x 1.2m totem and a striking building sign that reflected the same high quality; both signs gently illuminate with a state of the art LED module, to landmark the building by night as … Continue reading

Bespoke Tile Design & Print
example of tile printing

Commercial and domestic tile designs have become an increasingly popular service. There is no limitation to having an energetic high impact or subtle mood setting décor with personalised tiled walls except your imagination – and we can help and inspire you there. The Signcraft team can design and print superb reproduction or innovative tile patterns for retail, restaurants, bars and homes. Working from your designs or working with our in-house designer Emma Hunt we are confident in delivering the look that you need to create interest and atmosphere to your premises. Tiles were used extensively in the late eighteenth and … Continue reading

Approaching our 45th anniversary in 2016
Signcraft HQ & Logo Sign

Signcraft was founded in 1971 to provide sign writing services to local estate agencies.  How times have changed – and we have successfully kept pace with the latest technology that helped our company to sustain a steady growth, surviving two economic recessions. Our services to estate agents expanded to provide a professional marketing board service for all aspects of the property sector – agents, developers, architects, etc. –  and into other industries. Signcraft is now able to produce high quality print on virtually any medium, to extremely large print sizes. We also erect large signage and monoliths, including electricals. We … Continue reading

Advantages of Distinctive Signage
Signage - Vanwall

Distinctive and well-placed way-finding signs for business parks, retail parks and industrial parks have a number of benefits. Being seen and easily recognised from a reasonable distance will help visitors to arrive with minimum delay, which is especially significant for delivery drivers of large and small vehicles. If a delivery driver is unable to locate his or her destination, it can cause more than just delivery delays. Stopping to ask directions, moving at slow speed whilst looking for signs and large vehicles having to turn around in small streets can all cause unwelcome adverse traffic situations. Additional mileage can mean … Continue reading