1000 Lakeside – Landmarking

image_1_lOur client required high impact monoliths, building signage and directional signs to landmark a prestige site. Monoliths and signs were constructed from Spandex components using 3mm brushed stainless steel text to meet this brief.

Signs needed to be in the most advantageous positions whilst avoiding underground cables and fibre optics servicing the IBM centre.

We calculated load bearings and wind resistance, excavated trenches, secured steel cages in place and then the signs were craned into position and bolted down.

The reception back drop was created using black marble and satin brushed stainless steel. Digital wall paper was applied to the temporary hoardings for the atrium and café, which provided an excellent marketing back drop.

The overall result was stunning and was extremely well received by our client.

Contact Bob or Tony to discuss your landmarking needs.

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